Best Places to Keep Your Shoe Racks to Make Your House Look Trendy

best places to keep your shoe racks

Organizing your house can seem to be easy but organizing your shoes can be a bit tricky. Positioning your shoe rack can either add to the beauty or ruin the look of your house. A house is just a framework that is all set to occupy people in, but it becomes a home when filled with warmth, love and positivity. The shoe rack of your house can play a great role in adding these factors to your home. Adding your creativity for ensuring positivity can give stunning results. Some of the tips listed below can direct you in the right way.

1. The Perfect Setting Zone

Avoid placing your shoe rack in northeast or east directions as this can be a negative element for your home. The best places to keep your shoe racks can be the South and southwest directions which are the most preferable angles to place your shoe racks.  To start with, plan to set your shoe rack in the best available space in the right direction of your house.

2. DIY Ideas

Piled-up shoes look like clutter and can be an eyesore, to hide it and to clear this clutter try some of the customized home handy accessories for DIY shoe racks that can add up to the trendy style without any alteration to your bank statement.

  • Reframed old bench with cardboard divider painted to give a wooden texture that can look trendy.
  • Industrial style touch using PVC pipes with cardboard dividers, painted with a rust colour, half-cut cylindrical PVC pipes when stacked up sticking each other acts as a divider shoe rack can look modish when placed near your entrance door.
  • Repurposed space-saving shoe rack with triangle-shaped cut cardboards stacked up with a hooked drape can be designer furniture for your footwear.
  • DIY ladder shoe rack can be another option for stylish storage using an old unused ladder.
  • DIY floating shoe holders with paint buckets can be the best way to hide and organize your footwear. These DIY ideas to keep shoes nicely can be helpful.

3. Organize Your Footwear

Organizing your footwear can be the right way for achieving what you want for a clean, tidy trendy look. The need for shoes to mix match with your attire for different occasions is a never-ending deal. Varieties of footwear dumped together looks clumsy and untidy. It becomes a tedious job to pick the right one while stepping out in a hurry. Hunting how to arrange shoes at home? Then you can follow the pointers given below.

  • Plan for a tension rod shoe rack where you can round up some old tension rods, stagger for heels and level it for flats to stop the shoe explosion.
  • You can customize a shoe rack according to your requirement with slanting dividers push-up doors and a single rack with a glass cabinet where you can place your classy, trendy heels and sandals. The other slanting racks can be used by segregating the footwear according to the categories they belong to.

4. Finding The Right Place

Where to keep shoes in the home can be a headache for many. If you don’t want to expose it, then you can place it behind the doors in one of the corners of your balcony completely covered or in the entrance mounted on a wall with designer drapes. If you don’t have enough space in your balcony or entrance then it can even be placed in the living room right behind the long window curtains on wall-mounted racks. These places can be some of the best places to keep your shoe racks.

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