DIY Ideas to Sanitize Your Home and Balcony

DIY ideas to sanitize your home

Sanitation and hygiene are the cornerstones for good health. The whole world is now trapped by a deadly virus and the main focus is now on sanitation, the key element is to protect ourselves from this beast. The moment this virus evaded the nations all across the globe, the need for sanitation materials shored up and its demand too. People foraged for these materials like mad people hunting from one shop to another. All disheartened knowing it’s out of stock started looking for DIY ideas to get it done. DIY ideas to sanitize your home can be the best ways to try out when sanitizing materials are of scarce.

When people were clueless about the nature of the virus, a few pointers given by WHO came to the limelight giving some relief and wearing masks, social distancing, and most important among all was sanitization that can be a defensive tool to avoid this infection. Not everyone had that kind of stuff stocked up to serve such a purpose, paved the way for discoveries. People prepared disinfectants, sanitizers, masks with readily available things at home.

It looks like the pandemic is not ready to end now, but we can surely do it if we strictly follow the pointers given by WHO. As the infection is spreading like a wildfire trapping many, the need to sanitize house after COVID-19 infection and avoid getting infected is of prime importance today. Now the time demands three things – sanitizing, disinfecting, and cleaning. All these three need to be done with proper cleaning stuff and to get the right one can be a little tedious might be due to its unavailability, lockdowns, price, and originality. DIY ideas to sanitize your home can be helpful.

  • Prepare it by mixing two parts isopropyl alcohol or ethanol (91-99%) along with 1 part aloe Vera gel and a few drops of clove, eucalyptus, peppermint, or essential oil.
  • Regular water can be boiled and cooled down to room temperature, mix with 1 cup of  ISO Propyl alcohol, one tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide, and one teaspoon of 98% glycerine.
  • 500 ml of boiled water along with 2 teaspoons of bleaching powder for a natural disinfectant.
  • Add some antiseptic liquid to 500 ml of cooled boiled water with liquid soap to prepare disinfectant at home.

How to Sanitize Your Home

If any member of your house has recovered from COVID-19 and your house needs to be sanitized then sanitizing the home can be risk-free by following the tips listed below

  • Prepare two bottles one with the homemade sanitizer and to the other bottle add a little bit of liquid soap along with the homemade disinfectant and spray it all over the highly touched areas.
  • Try disinfecting the highly touched areas by using disposable tissues, wearing gloves.
  • Add these disinfectants to a bucket of water and use it to mop your house. Leave it to dry under the sun or dispose the mop or mopping cloth after washing in hot water with soap.
  • Wash off your balcony with hot water and soap if possible and leave it to sundry as they are the strongest thing to kill the germs. If not possible try spraying these onto the surface and enclosures of your balcony and wipe it off with a disposable cloth.
  • Soak your laundry in hot water and liquid soap without coming in contact with it and set it in the washing machine for cleaning, leave it to dry in sun, and store it after hot press.

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