DIY Ideas to Clean Greasy Oil from your Kitchen and Chimney

DIY ideas to clean greasy oil from your kitchen

It’s difficult to escape from the mess of the kitchen counter-top and chimney, caused due to the greasy oil from the kitchen while cooking. There are times when we don’t feel like cooking seeing this mess, isn’t it! We stand up for long hours cutting, chopping and preparing but eating this food hardly takes a couple of minutes whereas cleaning takes hours together. Clean–up is more cumbersome than the actual cooking. To get rid of this pain it needs to be cleaned on regular basis effortlessly. DIY ideas to clean greasy oil from your kitchen can be the right click for achieving what you want. The places where this oily stuff loves to land and are mostly found are listed below.

  • Pantry doors
  • Microwave
  • Back-splash
  • Chimney

How Oily Kitchen can be Restored?

This will no longer be a hard nut to crack as there are multiple ways to restore your kitchen shine the way you want. So let’s know what can be done and what can be used to clean oily kitchen.

1. A simple mix of baking soda, kosher salt, and dish-washing soap can do a miracle on stains and grease. This can be used on the counter-tops to get rid of this problem.

2. The most efficient way to clean the stuck off grease from the pantry doors can be a mixture of warm water with 2 drops of Castile or dish soap. It can be done by dipping a microfiber cloth into this mixture and wring it off to make it dry before wiping the spotty doors followed by a dry cloth cleaning.

3. An easy trick to make your microwave look and smell amazing just as got new can be accomplished by keeping a glass bowl filled with tap water and adding lemon chunks into it. Heat it for a couple of minutes between 3-5 minutes, keep the door of the microwave closed so that the steam spreads all over the inner areas of the appliance. The inner walls can be cleaned with white vinegar. Thereafter carefully take off the glass plate and bowl clean, dry, and put it back in its place.

4. Scratching your hair to find a way for kicking off the greasy grimes from your backsplash! Then this can be the right option for you. Make a DIY grease-fighting paste by mixing one part lemon juice, one part vinegar, and two parts of baking soda. Spread it well using a bush all over, and then scrub it off using a sponge. Use a damp cloth to wipe it off completely. You will be amazed to see the magnificent look after cleaning it with the magic mix.

5. The most difficult cleaning area in your kitchen is the chimney which gets greasy very fast. The oily greasy deposit settles on its filters thereby reducing its efficiency. Hiring a cleaning professional for cleaning oil from the chimney spending bucks on it may not be feasible or affordable every time. But this task can easily be done with the commodities readily available in our kitchen like the filters can be immersed in a hot tub of water by sprinkling caustic soda all over the plates for 1 hour and can be brushed off using a toothbrush. Another way of cleaning can be by adding 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 2 cups of vinegar, and two tablespoons of salt into the hot water tub and immersing the filters into it for 2-3 hours and can be scrubbed off. These DIY ideas to clean greasy oil from your kitchen can be helpful for effortless cleaning.


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