How to maintain an odour free home if ventilation is minimal

maintain an odour free home

Ventilation is the key element of existence for living beings. We all try keeping our homes ventilated and odour free because ventilation helps to maintain the quality of the air. The inflow and outflow of the air when balanced together can keep the illness-causing elements at bay. Good ventilation is a major contributor to good health, comfort and even helps to maintain an odour free home.

If you too are witnessing the same and are in a quandary thinking of how to get rid of this hassle then here are some tips which can come to your rescue and be very helpful in tackling this problem of how to maintain an odour free home. Here’s a list of tips, if followed can give you the desired results.

1. CLEAN YOUR CLEANING SUPPLIES – The clothes or sponges used for cleaning should regularly be cleaned either with baking soda and white vinegar in hot water or with a mild detergent in the washing machine. These cleaning supplies should be replaced by new ones in proper intervals to avoid settling bacteria on their surface that can trigger the foul smell in a house where there is no proper ventilation.

2. CLEANING OF THE MESS WINDOWS – If you have mess-fitted windows then it’s always wise to clean them or dust them off using a dusting brush to ensure proper flow of air in your house. The dust that settles on the mess can act as a hindrance to the way of airflows.

3. CHANGE THE BEDSPREADS – To maintain a fresh environment in the house doesn’t miss these tips. Changing the bedspreads can help you to keep your house odour free. Mostly the foul smell is developed from these areas, as the smell of sweat gets absorbed by the spreads we use on our mattress and when we don’t have proper ventilation can get trapped in the house and spread bad odour all over. Regular changing of these spreads can add to the freshness of your home.

4. OPEN FOR SUNLIGHT AND FREE FLOW OF AIR – Try to keep all your doors and windows open to stimulate and revive fresh indoor air. The UV rays of the sun have the power of killing the microorganisms and drying out the moisture. The locked-up moisture in the carpets, wooden furniture, drapes, cushions, and mattress can release a foul smell as the moisture gets absorbed by them.

5. INDOOR PLANTS AND FLOWERS FOR ADDING FRESHNESS – Indoor plants are the best air purifiers that purify the indoor air acting as sanitizers for your home. Houses that have minimal ventilation can use this technique to purify the indoor air. Some Plants inside the house like chrysanthemums, peace lily, snake plants, bamboo plants, spider plants and aloe Vera can be the best options for indoor air purifier plants. When the clean, fresh air circulates in your home you feel the freshness with positivity all around.

6. DIY FRESHENERS – Try out these ways for a fresh, aromatic home. Perk up your interiors with these natural products.

  • Add a few drops of food essence or essential oils to a spray bottle and spray it around your home or add it to some cotton balls.
  • Add some cut citrus fruits like lemon and oranges in a mason jar to get rid of the bad odour.
  • Wax can be melted in a glass tumbler and a few drops of essential oil can be added which can be lilted later after cooling.

These ideas when incorporated to combat the odour of a home with minimal ventilation can give you a great relief from the stress of maintaining ventilation and aroma, creating positive vibes in your sweet home.

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